Demo policy

If you would like to submit music for consideration, please fill the demo form with a private Soundcloud link (download enabled, otherwise they cannot be listened to). The sound file should be a 320kbps MP3 file. Please do not send more than 3 tracks at once.

And due to the sheer number of submissions, we cannot give any feedback unless we want to sign a track, and if that’s the case, the track gets listened to by multiple people which can take a while, so kindly only send your tracks once.

Important: Please DO NOT send samples as email attachements, or CD´s with post mail. In fact we do get many demos, we are sorry that we cannot give all of you individual feedback.

Important: Please only send your music if its somehow related to what we are releasing on Dear Deer labels! Thanks!

And have patience please! Thanks and best of luck!

Kindly, Dear Deer crew!