As you all know, war has came to our land. Ukrainian cities are impacted by airstrikes and cruise missiles cruelly and treacherously.

Occupants are bombing our streets, civilian residential houses, universities, churches, TV towers and even the railway station in Kyiv, the heart of our land during the civilian evacuation campaign. Women are giving birth to the children of war in the bomb shelters. Our children’s hospitals went underground, maintaining the intravenous therapy for our kids in the shelters…

But we’re fighting. We’re standing for our land, no matter what is happening or what is going to happen tomorrow. Every city, town, village, countryside, settlement and neighbourhood, no matter big or small, no matter west, east, north or south — is fighting for our freedom, our pride and our lives. In the name of our mothers, fathers and our children.

We are kindly asking you for a small help that may impact the reality and contribute our victory and freedom.. Ukrainian digital music label Dear Deer team is initiating the discussion with the biggest music stores Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and many others about all russian music to be removed from the stores.

Following big companies and payment systems Visa, Mastercard, SWIFT, Apple, Google, Nintendo, Paramount, Disney, Volvo, Volskwagen, NHL, FIFA, Eurovision, this is a logical step towards russia’s place to worldwide. We will keep on boycotting everything russian until they finally understand that their cowardice and silence in the streets kill thousands of people in Ukraine! we recommend that you support us in this desire and draw conclusions regarding further cooperation with Russian artists, labels and stores as well! Dear friends, supporters and all free world, we need a hand with your help. We need you more than ever right now!

Glory to Ukraine!